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The US Media agency of Saudi Arabia


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The mainstream elect media such as Newsweek, The New York Multiplication, CNN, CBS, NBC, Washington Office, Fox, and ABC are sensed by Arab earth citizenry as one-sided in addressing issues of strange affairs with compliments to the Islamic earth.

Saudi Arabia is one of the Islamic countries that get invariably been scrutinized by the mainstream media in the Joined States. Many citizens of Saudi Arabia charge the US media for the American stereotyped delegacy of Arabs. This try explores around of the late US media theatrical around Saudi Arabia, and provides an perceptivity into the effects of this facet.

The US Media delegacy of Saudi Arabia

In the finis two days, the mainstream US media has depicted Saudi Arabia as a nation that does not assess rights and freedoms of women (Subramanian 1). They majorly remonstrate the Muslim laws and the Arab civilization has the obstruction of women authorization and rights.

With consultation to CNN, the arbitrary rules base in the Arab earth confine women’s exemption of putt on what they deficiency (Ghitis par. 3). They are likewise denied the rightfield to ride cars. This reputation was carried only by CNN and ABC intelligence in October and November 2013.

The New York Multiplication refers to Saudi Arabia as the sole land in the humans that does not earmark its women to driving (Hubbard par. 5). This media reflexion of the women’s rights in Saudi Arabia is convinced, peculiarly to our women who get been tempered unjustly by civilization and faith (Ghitis par. 4). This is incontrovertible coverage from the US media. Nevertheless, on a electronegative tone, the media are representing Saudi Arabia as a country that does not deference women’s rights.

Government and republic is another crucial subject that the Joined States has highlighted roughly Saudi Arabia. The New York Multiplication depicts Saudi Arabia as a monarchy concordat and as an obstructer to republic. Khashoggi (2012) points out that the monarchic organisation of governing denies the universe the value to voting and chosen their leadership (Khashoggi par. 2).

In regional government, Saudi Arabia is reflected as a country that prefers to exercise backside the scenes with a selfish docket of promoting their imaginativeness. In his clause, Tom Philips (CNN) argues that Saudi has ever been at the head in push for Disconnection regional constancy (Phillips par. 3). This is a overconfident observance of the American media. Withal, due to its domesticated, political, and popular systems, the intellect bum its energy for regional desegregation is to contract top slots.


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The Joined States media depict Saudi as a commodity concern address in the Midriff Eastward. It acknowledges that the area is the world’s almost development and the growth thriftiness (“Business civilization in the land of Saudi Arabia” par. 3). The CNN account owes this to splendid concern refinement, patronage cipher and direction panache. This is a big congratulate by the Joined States media on Saudi Arabia.

The US media has been arse the stereotypic theatrical of writix Saudi and the intact Arabs (Phillips par. 5). This has ever been negatively sensed though not really on-key. This has led to the Arabs organism pictured as multitude who tending less roughly humming rights, undemocratic, and constantly below the confines of faith (Hubbard par. 3). This so has resulted in veto attitudes of the American multitude towards Saudi Arabia and its citizens.


Media plays a major persona in underdeveloped stereotypes. This is discernible in the mode in which the American mainstream media suffer delineate Saudi Arabia. The US media has demonized Saudi Arabia in matters ranging including acculturation, hum rights, and government. Still, in economical damage, Saudi Arabia has been comfortably delineate by the American media.

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